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Art & culture

The spirit of art is rooted firmly in canal life. When you walk in the world of canals, you are really following an historic art trail, created by ordinary canal folk who would not have called themselves artists.
Roses & castles
The unexplained origins of traditional canal art, 'roses & castles', add mystery to the landscape. Over 200 years ago, in the industrial heyday of the canals, the traditional boat-family would have decorated their narrowboat with roses and castles - daubed gaudily in red, green yellow & blue paint. Pots and pans, galley utensils and even the boat horse's nosebag would have been decorated too. No one knows why the boat families chose the theme of roses and castles - but, perhaps living in cramped quarters and economic hardship left them with dreams - and an English Rose might have been their garden and, as the saying goes, 'an Englishman's home is his castle'.
Guilds & Associations
Waterways Craft Guild >>
Aims to maintain high standards of the traditional skills of waterways' arts and crafts. Membership for painters of narrowboats, giftware, roses & castles, also signwriters, and makers of fenders, ropework, crochet work and cabin lace. They run courses in most traditional crafts at locations throughout the UK - details of courses and members on their website.
Guild of Waterway Artists >>
Formed to accredit and promote commercial art. Their website lists members of the Guild, and exhibitions of their art around the country.
Go shopping
Canalside and floating shops line their shelves with canalia - souvenirs and waterways paraphernalia painted in traditional colours. Everything from trinkets to treasures... collectable brass plaques, fancy fenders, deck shoes, bandanas for boat-dogs, mugs decorated in roses and castles, or even ornamental duck doorstops!
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Jo Bell - first Canal Laureate   -  Stone, Staffordshire 

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Trent & Mersey Canal 
The UK's first ever Canal Laureate

Terry & Monica Darlington   -   

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Narrow Dog to Carcassonne, Narrow Dog to Indian River and Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier

Laura Sturrock   -  01327 341798   -  39 Church St, Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, NN7 3LH   Google Maps Icon

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Will Jones   -  01684 577540   -  11 Farley Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1NF   Google Maps Icon

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Kate Hession   -  0115 9242115   -  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire 

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The Canal Museum   -  01604 862229   -  Stoke Bruerne, Nr. Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 7SE   Google Maps Icon

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Grand Union Canal (Midlands) 

Narrowboat Ceramics   -  01782 331557   -  Studio 5 Metfab House Montrose Street Fenton, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 3PB   Google Maps Icon

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Trent & Mersey Canal 
Fine bone china

Gower Giftware   -  01780 444384   -  13 Top Lodge, Fineshade, Northamptonshire, NN17 3BB   Google Maps Icon

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Audlem Mill   -  01270 811059   -  The Wharf, Audlem, Cheshire, CW3 0DX   Google Maps Icon

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Shropshire Union Canal  Dog Friendly

Jane Selkirk   -  07745 259714   -  29 Grangers Croft Hodge Lea, Milton Keynes, MK12 6DA   Google Maps Icon

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Grand Union Canal (Midlands) 
Canalware. 'Senior Journeyman' - Waterways Craft Guild

Gloucester Waterways Museum   -  01452 318200   -  Llanthony Warehouse The Docks, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2EH   Google Maps Icon

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Gloucester & Sharpness Canal  Wheelchair Accessible Location
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Art & Culture Near Stone, Audlem, Milton Keynes, Gloucester & Corby.

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