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Horse-drawn boats

Take a horse-drawn boat trip and let your imagination drift effortlessly back in time to a slower pace and quieter ways, as you glide along on the water. The waterways' silence is broken only by ropes clinking through mooring rings and hooves clopping into unhurried rhythm. Downwind, the smell of horse is deliciously romantic.
Soak up the scenery and relax, but spare a thought for the 17th & 18th-century working life and the hardships of these gentle giants during the canals' heyday. A boat family's survival depended on their horse's performance transporting huge loads of cargo. Look closely at the undersides of bridges and at lock sides, and you'll often see gouged marks from ropes heaving and tugging through them...
Luckily today these beautiful beasts have turned to tourism and plod effortlessly along in need only of occasional cajolery and a few tasty treats to keep them going. Whether you want to ride in the narrowboat or walk on the towpath alongside the horse, a horse-pulled narrowboat trip is an experience not to miss.
The Horseboating Society
The Horseboating Society >>
" Exists to promote horseboating and to preserve the heritage and skills of this once common form of transport."
Also operates horsedrawn passenger trips on the Rochdale Canal.
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'Birdswood'   -  07552 055455   -  Cromford Wharf, Cromford, Derbyshire, DE4 3RQ   Google Maps Icon

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Cromford Canal  Dog Friendly
'Birdswood' is the trip boat of Friends of Cromford Canal, entirely run by volunteers. Scheduled trips throughout the year, open to all members of the public. Enjoy a peaceful journey along the canal, sometimes horse-drawn, introduced by a booming announcement from FCC President, Brian Blessed. Also available for private hire & specialist educational trips.
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Horse Boats Near Cromford.

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