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Canalside pubs

The Lock, the Navigation, the Boat - their names are living history and usually behind the door lies a warm welcome, and a good pint!
Dotted along almost every canal mile, pubs played a huge part in the life of the traditional working boaters of the 17th & 18th centuries, giving them a vital social place for gathering and safe stabling for their horses (some of which is still in evidence today) behind the pub.
In winter, snuggle up and forget the world sitting around cozy open fires inside characterful canal pubs... and in summer, stretch out in the great waterways outdoors, gongoozling (watching narrowboats) from waterside beer gardens.
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Bull's Head   -  01562 852880   -  10 Bridge Road Cookley, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 3SA   Google Maps Icon

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Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal 

The Ferry Inn   -  01493 751096   -  Stokesby, Norfolk, NR29 3EX   Google Maps Icon

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The Locks Inn   -  01508 518414   -  Locks Lane, Geldeston, Norfolk, NR34 0HW   Google Maps Icon

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Canalside Pubs Near Geldeston & Cookley.

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